What Your Business Website Needs to Succeed

What Your Business Website Needs to Succeed

April 16, 2015

This post will provide you with the tips you need to make your website more efficient and help you get better results.

The Checklist:

  • Social Media Links
  • First-View Contents
  • Helpful Article, Image, Video Content
  • Testimonials
  • Contact
  • About – The People Behind The Website
  • Google Local
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Responsive Web Design


The Why: Social media networks have a huge impact on how people find and talk about your business/brand. They are that way because people like to share and talk about things they like or enjoy, and like to share that experience with their friends and family. The magic of it is that all it takes is one Facebook like or Retweet, and presto everyone in that person’s network is now aware of what your business/brand.

The Action: You must setup accounts, at the very minimum, on Facebook and Twitter. Afterwards, provide links to those pages on your website through the correlating icons in your menubar. The menubar is mandatory. These social networks are a great resource to engage with your customers/followers, so do so and in return you will get more web traffic going to your site. Staying consistently engaged is key!


The Why: This is what viewers see when they first pull up your site. Web users, while browsing, are looking for something to satisfy a question or problem. They do not want to spend a lot of unnecessary time on a website looking for that particular something. Having that something right in front of them as soon as the page loads, is a surefire way to ensure they take action.

The Action: The first-view area includes your site’s menubar and top content section. Take a step back, and ask yourself why you have your website. What is it’s number one goal? Is it to spread your business/brand, to get more phone calls, to get your customers to start shopping on your online-platform? Whatever the purpose is, make sure the call-t0-action to fulfill that purpose is within this first-view. For example, if you are a local business that wants page viewers to know where you are and how to get in contact with you, then place your address and phone number in the menubar.


The Why: Providing helpful content for your audience to look at or read has many benefits:

  •  You Become a Reliable Resource – It is much better to have your followers/customers refer back to you for more information on what you provide, than to have them look at what you provide once and never look at your site again. Being a reliable and trusted resource will keep them coming back.
  • A Better Search Engine Rank = More Traffic – Google’s search engine algorithms look at websites that provide content relevant to what people are searching for. By providing more content relevant to your site’s subject, the more relevant your site will become to the algorithms.
    • Ex. If someone is searching “how to paint a tree”, and one site provides a single-page on how to paint a tree, and another provides multiple-pages on how to paint a different tree on each page, then which one do you think the algorithms would favor more? Correct, the second how-to-paint site.

The Action: Think of what it is that your site provides, and what someone that looks at it may have questions for or want to explore further. This is the content you want to provide. “I am not a good writer/designer/videographer, and I do not have time to do all of that” – may be something you are thinking right now, but there is a solution: outsource. There are many services on the web that can provide the content you are looking to provide such as Elance. Make a list of topics that your viewers would be interested, write out the key points you want provided in the content for each topic, and submit your guidelines an content outsource provider.


Testimonials are the perfect way to show viewers there are real people out there that enjoy or are happy with the services your website provides. People want good customer service and do not want the hassle of pulling teach with a company to get something done, and reviewing testimonials is exactly how they avoid it, and ultimately find the right company. Make sure you are the right company they find by looking at your testimonials.

This concludes the first part of the post: What Your Business Website Needs To Succeed. Check back soon for the second part!