Responsive Web Design and Your Business

Responsive Web Design and Your Business

March 30, 2015

The Impact of Responsive Web Design on Your Business

Did you know that 3 out of every 5 consumers do local searches through their smart phone?

By 2016, online mobile searches will have overtaken desktop searches.

     What this means for your web design or your business, is that you have to make sure your websites are ready for mobile users to view your site. The key word we are looking at here is “Responsive“.

A responsive website’s content will adjust to the size of any device in a way that presents the same content neatly and easy for user to navigate through. The user does not have to zoom in to the site to read the content or squint their eyes trying to see unnecessarily tiny letters. The only thing that struggle will lead to is a reduced amount of time on your website (we are talking about just a few seconds), losing what could have been your customer to the competition whose site is responsive, and higher bounce rates that will push you farther down the search engine rankings.

Here is an example for you out there that like visuals:

An Unresponsive Site

Unresponsive site example.

You can tell this example is an unresponsive site because you would have to scroll sideways or zoom in to read the content easily. If you look closely, you can see that the site is still using a two-column layout. On the left, social media icons and recent posts, and on the right the article itself.


A Responsive Site.

This is a responsive site example.

In this example, the layout has gone to a single-column. The article has been placed at the top of the screen, while the social media icons and recent posts have been placed on the bottom after the article. The user does not have to scroll to the side, instead, it is simply up or down.

You may be wondering, “I understand the impact of a responsive website, but how do I make a website responsive?”, and the solution is simply Bootstrap. For you business owners, this is what you should be asking your web designers to use in creating your site to ensure a responsive website. While there are other ways to make your website designs, this is, so far, the most effective and easiest way to get a responsive site up-and-running that I have found.

Tip: You can test to see if a website is responsive without a mobile phone by adjusting the width of your browser window.

For those that wish to get started quickly with Bootstrap, stay tuned for the next article, “Bootstrap: A Crash Course Part 1“.